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 A DREAMY ambience is at the heart of The Now, a luxury massage parlour that opened in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, in 2015, and which now has three more locations across the city. While high-quality massage services carried out in distinctly unique surroundings is a likely draw, the growing popularity of this calming spa spot is probably also due to LA-dwellers appreciating the highly reasonable price tag that comes with such a treat. Only, with this level of affordability, massage can become an integral part of one’s personal healthcare regime, rather than a special occasion.

The Now LAThe Now,

West Hollywood

I arrived at the West Hollywood branch to experience the signature 50-minute treatment, and, as someone who lives for my next back rub, had high hopes. The reception area was a crisp, white-washed space decorated with cacti plants, textile hangings and sparse wooden shelves that displayed a variety of product ranges used at the spa, including the botanical line Naturopathica and healing oils by Jiva Apoha. The inspiration for the interior design came from Mexico, specifically the coastal area of Tulum, where Now co-founders Gara Post and Erica Malbon used to holiday as children.
fearture derby spaThe Now, West Hollywood
The environment certainly encourages one to fully let go off thoughts from the daily grind, and the area behind the front desk where all of the seated massages take place (think sheepskin throws and white cotton cushions) extends this feeling of serenity. After a few minutes I was met by my therapist, Kit, who led me to the main room where the full-body massages take place. This area is cordoned off into a number of private spaces, separated by thick canvas curtains. But unlike some establishments that rely on this method of partitioning, the atmosphere here created a sense of comfort and ease, and the barely-there lighting and high ceilings also helped with this.
The Now West HollywoodThe Now, West Hollywood
Kit walked me into the space where my massage would be taking place, which consisted of a bed covered with pretty white sheets, a cosy rug to the side, and a woven basket at the end where I could keep my belongings. After getting changed, Kit came back and proceedings started. The Now’s signature massage focuses on the upper and lower back, as well as the neck and shoulders, but Kit said that there would also be a bit of time to focus on arms and legs, and I wrangled her into including my feet as well (a full body massage that doesn’t include the feet is basically heinous). Kit used some non-fragrant oil and worked very quickly and thoroughly, spending a lot of time ironing out the knots in my back that had built up.
The Now, West HollywoodThe Now, West Hollywood
When things got a little too painful, she was sensitive to my thresholds and either lessened the pressure or moved onto other areas. The technique used was the typical Swedish-inspired massage, using long, gliding movements to relieve and rejuvenate, but I had added a couple of “enhancements” to my treatment, including Deep Tissue and Heat Therapy, so Kit was able to focus on the tension in my lower back, and then applied a heat pack on my stomach as she massaged my legs.
The Now, West Hollywood
All of this was wonderful, but a special mention must be made to the soundscape that plays throughout. If the standard “whale music” used in spas sends you to sleep, just wait until you visit this place. The repetition of soft crashing waves – utterly authentic, as though you are sitting on the beach – is really quite convincing, and matches perfectly with the dusky lighting. If The Now’s intention was to create a private sanctuary reminiscent of your best seaside vacation, they definitely succeeded.
by Derby Jones
The Now, 7611 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 Tel: +1 323 746 5525
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