Giorgio Armani to collaborate with Sarah Moon in new exhibition

KNOWN for her ethereal and otherworldly artistic imagination, photographer Sarah Moon will be working with Giorgio Armani for a new exhibition at the fashion art museum Armani/Silos in Milan. Titled From One Season to Another, the exhibition will present Moon’s four-decade long oeuvre. Visitors can expect at least 170 images, all created between the mid seventies and the present.

From One Season to Another

Moon was raised in England and France, and subsequently became a photographer in 1968 after a stint as a model in Paris. The show will feature Moon’s prolific fashion photographs of her liberated yet dreamy vision of ‘70s woman, as well as lesser known photographs of animals, flowers and architecture. Previously unexhibited works by Moon, including a dance series with Oscar Schlemmer, will be shown for the first time.

Rather than sticking to a conventional chronological order, the exhibition will follow a stream-of-consciousness narrative personally curated by Moon herself, where the viewer is invited to interpret the work with fresh eyes. The exhibition’s title also alludes to what visitors can expect to see at the show – key themes which have preoccupied Moon will be its focus, namely the passage of time, its ephemerality and the uncertainty that accompanies it.

Through this exhibition, Armani/Silos will be playing host to one of the most undoubtedly creative female photographers of our time.

by Kay Leong 

From One Season to Another runs in parallel with Fondazione Sozzani’s Sarah Moon, Time at Work, and will be shown at Armani/Silos, 40 Via Bergognone, Milan, from September 19 to January 6 next year.

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