Cults release a new single from their latest album Offering

INDIE-poppers Cults have just launched a new single Right Words from their upcoming third album Offering. Right Words is the third track to be released from the album. The band describe this single as the “nebula” of the album and the song is inspired by 1980s power-pop bands.

Cults 1Album cover – Offering

The album Offering represents a new confident and collaborative chapter for Cults as, for the first time, the duo sat down together and came up with all their ideas before starting to write and produce their music.


Cults’ vocalist is Madeline Follin, and her voice is simply divine. The song is simple, the melody behind the vocals suits Madeline’s voice perfectly. The song is very serene and tranquil, with some moments with a strong drum part that adds some drama to the composition. In terms of noticing the influence of 1980s power ballads, there is a small section in the middle of the song that is reminiscent of an Abba song introduction when the drumming and the melody speeds up.

by Allie Nawrat 

You can listen to Right Words here

Cults newest album, Offering, will be released on October 6 through Sinderlyn. You can pre-order Offering here.

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