Beaufort debuts Revenants Volume I – Iron Duke EDP

BRITISH perfume house Beaufort has introduced its latest EDP Iron Duke – the first in its Reverants line (which celebrates eminent historical British figures in fragrance – an rather intriguing and original idea).

Beaufort Iron Duke EDP Revenants Volume I – Iron Duke, from Beaufort

The figure Iron Duke celebrates is Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington and his beloved horse Copenhagen – Iron Duke being Wellesley’s nickname.

Created by British perfumer Julie Dunkley, Iron Duke packs a potent punch (it has a high, 30 per cent, concentration, so no wonder) and is a powerful leathery scent heavy with tobacco, intimation of horse sweat and hide, leathery animalic, straw, rich and layered. You could imagine it worn by an artist in the throes of inspiration toiling at a canvas. One to savour.

Beaufort London is an independent fragrance house, established by artist and musician Leo Crabtree, a life-long perfume aficionado, obsessed by the darker moments in British history, his first collection, Come Hell or High Water, looked to Britain’s nautical history for inspiration.

by Caroline Simpson

Iron Duke retails at £95 (50ml) and is available from the Beaufort London site.

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