34 Mayfair and Liberty London collaborate to design a cocktail and dessert duo

The exclusive grill restaurant, 34 Mayfair and the department store Liberty London have collaborated on a limited edition print titled Garden of Beauty. It is a reimagining of classic Liberty patterns and features chrysanthemums, peonies and foliage in vibrant blue, pink, ochre and turquoise. The team at 34 Mayfair have created a unique dessert and cocktail pairing that is inspired by vibrant colours and floral elements of the print.

34 Mayfair Exterior of 34 Mayfair

34MayfairXLiberty_Interiors_1Interior of 34 Mayfair – featuring Liberty’s Garden of Beauty velvet cushions

The dessert is a chocolate and cheery parfait shaped like a cushion with the Garden of Beauty print with a rose centre. It is accompanied by a sweet and sour Griotte cherry sauce, intricate pistachio cake pieces, edible flowers and dried crisp cherries.

34 MayfairLiberty’s Garden of Beauty dessert

The cocktail is a blend of sweet pineapple, camomile and lavender, with the addition of bitters and champagne. This stylish drink is then garnished with elderflower foam and edible flowers. Guests can choose between Sipsmith gin or vodka as the main liquor. The cocktail will be served on an ornate coaster with the Garden of Beauty print.

34MayfairXLiberty_Interiors_10Liberty’s Garden of Beauty cocktail

34MayfairXLiberty_Interiors_5Liberty’s Garden of Beauty cocktail

Glass headed to 34 Mayfair to taste Liberty’s Garden of Beauty cocktail and dessert. The dining room is absolutely gorgeous, seamlessly combining style and comfort. The Garden of Beauty cushions perfectly compliment the interior of the restaurant. Since the cocktail is available with two different spirits, vodka and gin, me and my guests tried both – overall I think the floral undertones went better with the gin. The elderflower foam is very subtle – the overwhelming taste that comes through from the cocktail is pineapple and camomile. This makes the cocktail refreshing, although it is quite strong. I was concerned that the combination of the pineapple in the cocktail and the cherry in the dessert would be too sweet but in fact the freshness of the cocktail cleanses your palette between tastes of the pudding.

The chocolate and cherry parfait is encased in a hard coating that you have to crack open. The parfait is rich and not too sweet and the other elements of the pudding compliment it in terms of taste and texture. However, be warned, the cherries are infused with a strong liquor, which takes you by surprise if you get a whole mouthful of just cherry – with this dessert it is essential to have a mouthful containing all of the elements. I was especially impressed that they had managed to print the Garden of Beauty pattern onto a piece of white chocolate on top of the parfait.

by Allie Nawrat 

The cocktail and dessert duo are available to order at 34 Mayfair now. The dessert costs £10.75 and the cocktail costs £15

The cushion in Garden of Beauty print is available to buy in Liberty London – the 60 x 60 cushion is priced at £125

34 Mayfair, 34 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 2HD

Liberty London, Regent Street, Carnaby, London, W1B 5AH