Valentino opens photography exhibition in support of Pink October

IN SUPPORT of Pink October – the month of breast cancer prevention – Maison Valentino has organised a new exhibition in collaboration with the Isola Tiberina Hospital. The exhibition aims to raise awareness around breast cancer and uplift those within the hospital.

The Pink PP Portraits exhibition will feature photographic depictions of several women – all dressed in pink – who have undergone treatment at the Isola Tiberina Hospital and have beaten breast cancer.

Pink PP Portraits

With breast cancer being the leading cause of cancer mortality in women, the Isola Tiberina Hospital continues to relentlessly fight the illness.

“The centrality of the person and their care needs are the presuppositions that led the Hospital to develop care pathways, designed as organisational contexts for the integration of the various disciplines and professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of certain clinical conditions,” says the CEO of the Isola Tiberina Hospital, Daniele Piacentini.

Pink PP Portraits

Pierpaolo Piccioli – creative director of Valentino – wants to showcase the strength, resilience and determination of these women and provide inspiration for those similarly affected.

Additionally, Piccioli said: “The Pink PP exhibition is the narration of a day of stories, the kind you never forget. It is the gathering of twenty women dressed in pink, the colour of strength, resilience, courage. But it is also a tribute to the uniqueness of these people, to their charged humanity that emerges from the monochrome of the clothes and the background. It is the treasure of an intimate dialogue of priceless gift that they have given me and not vice versa. I am deeply thankful and grateful to everyone who took part in this project and made it possible.”

Pink PP Portraits

Likewise, the exhibition will raise awareness of the disease. Being hosted within the walls of the hospital, visitors and patients alike will be able to peruse the display. The exhibition will run until the 30th of October and will provide intimate insight into the illness.

by Sophie Richardson

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