The Ultimate (and last minute) Beauty Technology to Gift this Christmas

IT WAS during a facial at the Bulgari Hotel Spa that the wondrous world of beauty technology was made clear to me. A single 30 minute LED facial treatment had not only improved my skin complexion but also healed a seeping spot on my nose. Like any like-minded person, naturally I dived into a deep Google search in an attempt to figure out how I could sustain my new infatuation. Of course, what followed was an ever-increasing list of gadgets that claimed they were the gateway to a better you.

I took it upon myself to spend the next few months personally trialing the gadgets, deciphering the champions amongst the buzzing noise of competitors. It’s been a long time since I last read the instructions from cover to cover, but beauty technology has advanced, A LOT, and these at home kits are not for the faint hearted. That said, the routine that this has built for me has brought with it a sense of relaxation that cannot be found when having to travel either near or far to have a beauty technician do the work for you. The at home nature of these gadgets is a selling point in itself, for if this snowy/train strike fuelled week has shown us anything, it’s the beauty of staying inside.

Keeping in mind the ever looming deadline for Christmas gifts, I hope the below brings relief, mere inspiration if anything, for those you are yet to purchase for.

CurrentBody Skin Led Light Therapy Mask £279

The technology that started it all – LED.  Utilising two clinically proven wavelengths; Red and Near-Infrared, this facemask from CurrentBody is designed to improve skin tone, texture and firmness. Easy to use and transport, with a rechargeable unit and nifty case, the mask is to be used up to 5 times per week for 10 minute sessions. It’s now part of my evening routine – cleanse, LED mask, moisturise. Because after only three uses I noticed my acne scarring had reduced, my rosacea kept at bay, and the usual winter prone dry skin a thing I had miraculously forgetten. It is comfortable to wear, completely painless and made from medical-grade silicone for a fully bacteria and breakout-free treatment. Highly recommend.

Theraface Pro £375

As a huge fan of the Theragun by Therabody, when I saw that a variation of the massaging technology had been applied to a facial form, I knew I had to try it. It’s a handheld device that has been designed to meet the facial treatments we all love, from heated or cold attachments that soothe the skin to skin-toning microcurrent, this really packs the punch. The technology behind their percussive therapy has also been designed for the face, allowing you to use each attachment (bar the blue LED) with a gentle massage added to the mix. This is a tool that you can customise to your needs, presenting an innovative and welcomed way to love your face.

GHD Glide £159

For all my frizz tamers out there, this is the tool for you. You may wonder what the need for a heated hair brush is should you already own straighteners, as did I,  but after a few strokes of this through the hair you quickly understand why. Taming and smoothing dry hair quickly and effortlessly, this nifty little tool means refreshing the hair need not take longer than 5 minutes, it really is that simple. Plus, with short and long bristles, you don’t need to separate the hair into manageable chunks. The GHD Glide also never deters from the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC to guarantee healthier hair – something that I have struggled with when using straighteners on my heavily bleached bob.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdyrer in Vinca Blue & Rosé £359.99

On the topic of intelligent heat control, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer has just been released in a limited edition Vinca Blue & Rose colourway – the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. This has become one of my most cherished gadgets since I started this venture. With three different speeds, four precise heat settings, and five different attachments, the Dyson Supersonic has perfected the formula for the ultimate at home blow dry. My fine and very bleached bob, aforementioned, has been revived by the gentle air attachment, and when I finish with the flyaway attachment with cold air, I achieve slick and shiny hair that usually requires a hairdresser. It is light in weight, comes with a pretty storage box, and has cut my blow dry time by more than half.

Foreo Skin Supremes Espada Set £138

This little gem has become so crucial to my day-to-day that I now carry it around in my bag with me. Designed for those with acne prone skin, the Foreo Espada set is a non-invasive treatment that utilises the exquisite powers of blue LED treatment and T-SonicTM pulsation to treat blemishes and spots, fast. Since owning this, if I ever feel the tenderness of an under the skin spot creeping its way to the surface, I use this on the area (it is a 30 second blast of LED) and I notice that it helps reduce the intensity of the inevitable white head. Used again if the spot has its moment on stage and the healing time is a matter of hours – it truly is that impressive. I tend to use it for three 30 second sessions and that is enough to ensure the spot doesn’t become a week-long headache. Miracle worker.

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Kit £119.95

If you, like me, find yourself noticing the whiteness of people’s teeth more than once a day, I think it’s about time that you tried Spotlight Oral Care. Developed by Dentists Dr Lisa and Dr Vanessa Creaven, the Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Kit delivers an at-home service equivalent to the level of a dentist. Using 6 times more LED lights vs traditional devices, with a clinically proven formula of Hydrogen Peroxide and PAP for enhanced whitening and Hydroxyapatite for remineralising your teeth, plus a gum rejuvenating red LED light post treatment, you can trust that Spotlight Oral Care are not cutting any corners to ensure the safest, and most efficient, teeth whitening process at home. Enough to make anyone smile.

FaceGym Medi Lift EMS mask £415

Don’t be put off by the appearance of this nifty little gadget. It may look rather unusual but it holds the key to a more toned face and, drumroll please, a potential jawline. This is FaceGym’s latest iteration of their medi lift range, which offer wearable electrical muscle stimulation tools that target muscles to provide a lift to your complexion. With three different settings, HIIT Workout, Jaw Definer Mode or Cheek Sculptor Mode, you can access an invigorating and deep facial workout that aims to lift cheeks, define your jawline, and strengthen facial muscles. Now, I have to admit, it did take a few weeks for me to notice a result, and I am sill only managing to sustain level 5 for part of the 10 minute workout, but my face has felt a difference. It feels more firm and plump. Saying that, it does take some time to get used to submitting to the frequency, which forces your eyes to shut and eyebrows to twitch.

But bring on the beauty technology gifts, and nights at home with LED, for this is the year for skin/teeth/jawline/hair – you name it – rejuvenation.

Tried and tested by yours sincerely, the beauty gadget nerd, Lily.

by Lily Rimmer