The Maldives Joali Being partners with Dr. Barbara Sturm to launch skin treatments

THE FIRST ever wellness island located on the isle of Bodufushi in Raa atoll, Joali Being has partnered up with Dr. Barbara Sturm to exclusively launch treatment packages at their resort which will comprise Sturm’s renowned non-surgical anti-ageing treatments to rejuvenate the skin.

Dr. Sturm will bring selected signature treatments to the resort starting with the Sturmglow Facial which nourishes and awakens the skin, great for re-establishing the complexion’s natural radiance.

The Super Anti-Aging Facial is used to restore moisture for a smoother skin texture alongside the Darker Skin Tones Facial designed to hydrate, calm, minimise hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of pores in those with skin rich in melanin.

Dr Barbara Sturm

The Brightening Facial will aid in refreshing and evening out the skin tone while the Men’s Facial is designed to support the needs of men’s skin. The final two treatments are for those who struggle with acne and are titled, The Adult Acne Facial and the Teen Acne Facial which are used to clear out blemishes and treat breakouts.

As an extra service, guests can add micro-needling to their treatments to boost collagen production.

Joali Being aims to guide guests on their journey towards self-discovery with the help of their wellbeing experts and their pillars of Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy.

Dr Barbara Sturm Facials

The partnering of the two wellness titans makes sense with Dr Sturm being a regular visitor at the resort alongside her practice being built around an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and Joali Being executing their practice with an understanding of the benefits that an anti-inflammatory lifestyle brings.

My whole skincare philosophy is focused on combating inflammation and its consequences and healing the skin with advanced ingredient science and the anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the key for me.

We are bombarded every day with inflammatory influences, from harsh skincare ingredients to UVA and UVB rays, stress, tailpipe emissions, HEV rays, smoking and drinking and sugar.

If we learn what inflammatory and anti-inflammatory influences are, we can adjust our lifestyle accordingly. It will have both an immediate and long-term effect on skin ageing and your overall health. — Dr. Sturm

by Nicole Pereira

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