Susan Fang partners with Nike to create an eco-friendly playground

LOCATED at GuCheng Elementary School in Miao Street Town, Weishan County, Yunnan Province, Susan Fang reveals their innovative design collaboration with Nike for a greener outlook on children’s playgrounds.

For the grand opening, Nike invited along several inspirational icons like Chinese swimmer Liu Xiang and designer Susan Fang, to be joined by college student volunteers in greeting the pupils.

Susan Fang x Nike Boundless Girls

Throughout this Boundless Girls summer camp, everyone involved was welcome to join in on a series of special activities and exchanges that blended sustainable teachings into the children’s daily learning routines. The goal is to encourage girls to positively participate in sports and spark potential through physical activity. 

Susan Fang x Nike Boundless Girls

A variety of charming design codes feature in the new playground such as sunshine elements, rainbows and butterflies to symbolise luck. These features are often associated with energy and joy which hopes to inspire the kids to reconnect with nature. The court’s name, “Butterfly of Love,” displays abstract butterflies and rainbows, with wings forming heart shapes.

Susan Fang x Nike Boundless Girls

Through Nike’s Boundless Girls and the Move To Zero eco-friendly campaign, volunteers from nearly 20 universities across China rallied together to aid public welfare and environmental conservation.

By recycling old shoes and utilising Nike Grind technology, waste is transformed into raw materials for the playground and the space becomes a daily reminder for children to remember the sustainable values.

by Alicia Tomkinson