Romilly Wilde Light and Energy Serum Cleanser delivers a gentle but thorough cleanse

ARE YOU always in search for an effective cleanser that doesn’t dry or inflame dry and easily irritated skin?

Same here. Look no further – the award-winning British brand, Romilly Wilde’s Light and Energy Serum Cleanser is the one for you.

Romilly Wilde is committed to using the best natural ingredients combined with a scientific approach in all its products. The brand also walks the talk on sustainability too. Its packaging is now 100% recyclable and made from 57% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic.

The Romilly Wilde serum cleanser

The Light and Energy Serum Cleanser is enriched with echium seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and grape seed oil to soothe and lift dirt and oil from the skin. Y

ou can apply the pleasantly scented slightly thick lotion to your dry face, massage it with some water, whereupon it transforms into a light oil. Then, massage this a bit more to give your face a thorough cleanse and wash off.

A perfectly cleansed face – with skin that feels beautifully nourished and clean and which has no dry tightness. A 110ml bottle lasted me for over three months using the cleanser twice a day.

by Caroline Simpson

Romilly Wilder Light and Energy Serum Cleanser retails at £15 30ml and £45 110ml