Roger Vivier launches limited edition bags during Couture Week

FOR THE Haute Couture collections in Paris 2023, Maison Vivier presented a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind handbags named Viv Choc Pièce Unique, designed by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni.

Drawing inspiration from exceptional French savoir-faire, the series explores delicate fantasies of embroidery and unique textiles, with colours ranging from ivory and rose pink velvets to dark water snakes and ice-grey nights. Each hand-crafted piece celebrates the House’s utmost respect for Parisian glamour.

Paying homage to the magnificent Roger Vivier archives, the collection receives its name from the great iridescent feathered Choc heel from 1959. Other odes are played to the Virgule shoes from 1963 as we see turquoise briolettes adorning satin, and the costumes from Paris Opéra Ballet through the use of ostrich feathers, each designed as a tribute to the Ville Lumière.

With 17 bags in total, each one of them is named with a backstory, detailing why certain design codes, colours, and textiles have been used. For example, my personal favourite called Caterina de’ Medici carries an abundance of pearls in different shapes and sizes that have been transformed into a stunning iridescent gem – capturing the legacy of stunning Caterina de’ Medici herself through its inspiring kaleidoscope effect.

The other pieces are as followed: Avenue De Jour, Avenue De Nuit, Blue Velvet, Chandelier, Colibri, Crystal, Eiffel, Etincelle, Jardin D’Hiver, Josephine, Junon, Marie-Antoinette, Mistinguett, Spotlight, Trianon, and Versailles.

by Alicia Tomkinson