Resort 2020: Versace

FOR RESORT 2020, Versace channels the great frontiers of the Wild West and the very figure that encapsulates the mythology itself – the American cowboy. In a collection that would definitely receive John Waynes stamp of approval, the cowboy’s undefeated charisma and style is updated by Donatella Versace with modern tailoring, baroque details and neon prints. As a touching tribute, Gianni Versace’s name, written in his own handwriting becomes a new logo. Splashed across cowboy hats and t-shirts, Donatella pays homage to the Versace heritage and her late brother.

Heavy gold-plated buckles appear on belts, button down shirts feature bolo ties, brown suede jackets are studded with gold embellishments. All these pieces, however, despite their wild west theme, all maintain the signature Versace flair. What says Versace more than sequined, animal printed cocktail dresses, in acid green and yellow nonetheless?

The Versace flair is strong throughout the collection, Medusa medallions and Baroque motifs show-off the label’s infallible sense of boldness, while the classic V monogram becomes the centrepiece feature on bags. Tailoring is structured and defined, black cut-out dresses stand with padded shoulders and printed silk foulard scarves.

The collection is not all neon colours and animal prints, camel coloured blanket coats, fringed hems and green tartan scarves incorporate a sensual but softer side of the west– reminding us of cooler summer nights just as the sun begins to set.

by Mirabella Shahidullah