On opens second UK store in London’s Spitalfields Market

THE SWISS sports brand On has just announced that it will be opening its second store in the UK.

Known for its revolutionary designs centred around high-performance running, On continues to inspire athletes to reach new heights. Having previously opened its flagship store on Regent Street, On has decided to expand its presence in the ever-evolving city.

Set in East London, the new store is located in Spitalfields Market – a notoriously vibrant, eclectic area of the city.

Speaking on the new location, Diana Dowling – Head of Retail Design at On – said: “Spitalfields Market’s blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy provides an ideal setting for the new store. There is a palpable buzz in this area, and we are excited to strengthen our brand presence here.”

On store

The remarkable location of the store is met with an equally impressive interior. As visitors enter the store, they will be greeted with a Hybrid Explorer Display – a digital comparison table.

The Hybrid Explorer Display is just one of the many ways in which On is creating a personalised, interactive customer experience. Guests are invited to compare various shoes and gain further insight into their designs by utilising the digital table.

Inside of On store

Moreover, the overall aesthetic of the store blends beautifully with the setting of Spitalfields. The colour palette of the store has been carefully selected to mirror the iconic red brick façade of the market. Meanwhile, display fixtures are designed to move and transform, which further demonstrates On’s focus on versatility and dynamism.

by Sophie Richardson

The new On location will be officially open for customers as of November 3rd, 2023 and is a must-visit for any sports-enthusiasts.