NYFW SS24: Eckhaus Latta

THE NEW YORK, Los Angeles label Eckhaus Latta showcased their spring-summer 2024 collection over the weekend at New York Fashion Week.

Eckhaus Latta is recognised for their efforts as part of the new generation of underground fashion in New York. The brand which is known for its liberal audience implements its practice in unisex designs, gender fluidity and fashion show experimentations such as their regular casting of non-models.

The show which was held at the International Building in Rockefeller Center demonstrated a collection that combined contrasting themes which when brought together emanated components relatable to the brand’s vision such as concepts of modernity, experimentation, liberality and a hint of provocatation.

This season the fashion house displayed a variety of garments in a sheer fabric adding an essence of seduction to the collection.

A subtle pop of colour with the brand’s initials adorned various garments which made for a low-key yet fine detailing on the muted beige pieces. Delicate sheer t-shirts, dresses and skirts hugged the body with silhouettes which exuded a contemporary style.

Eckhaus Latta plays with themes of durability and delicacy with its juxtaposing pairings — contrasting silhouettes are exhibited with mismatched fabrics such as a thin sheer top and a square-shaped leather jacket with a fur collar or wide-legged heavy denim jeans with a lace overlay.

The leather used throughout the collection was sourced from deadstock, a practice the brand has been known for since its earlier days. Eckhaus Latta are also known for their use of unconventional fabrics, an approach that hones into their experimentalism — this season this was seen in their woven trousers made out of a plastic-looking textile.

Knitwear and lace were notable themes in this collection with various looks accompanied by knitted vests and sweaters in different weights ranging from chunky to loose fits created using the circular-knitting technique — while lace fabricated body-hugging dresses, skirts and trousers.

In colourways of light blue and black, the lacey garments added a feminity to the collection which paired flawlessly with the opposing Western nature of some of the silhouettes.

The Jeans featured in the spring-summer 2024 show came in various designs such as metallic finishings of burnt orange and light green alongside worn-and-washed textures which added to the contemporary nature relevant to the overall collection.

Amongst all the surrounding themes this season, the fashion house dabbled in sportswear as they worked with tech nylon fabrics and bodycon, tightly zipped outlines covering the body from the head to the torso almost mimicking a wet suit.

Eckhaus Latta brought out two styles of sunglasses each in a simple yet flattering shape that can be worn by everyone. The glasses accessorised several looks with their simple colour range making them versatile and easily pairable.

by Nicole Pereira

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