NYFW SS15: Alexander Wang

One of NYFW’s busiest movers and shakers didn’t disappoint this season in his prevailing reign of fashion superstardom. Making a ply for the ‘sneaker’ crowd this season in a way only Alexander Wang does best, the designer regenerated the sneakers ubiquity through applying it’s design principles to chic RTW pieces.

Thus, the streamlined tread of the trainers we keep seeing so much of recently became a futuristic neon-bright body-con dress in foamy leathers as clinging neoprene. It was the most masterful blend of old-time sex appeal that we have seen before, but just street enough to hook the Insta generation, who must be positively aching to get some of S/S behind a filter of their choice.

WAN_0441 WAN_0205 WAN_0296 WAN_0171 WAN_0079 WAN_0557

The smart neo-militant tailoring that hardened the curves of the body-con numbers lent itself to more bulky aspects of sportswear for our feet, and came out the most subliminal, in comparison certainly to the lot of bags that featured the heels of trainers, merely to fortify, we’re sure. Next to that, it’s a given that the bolts of electric cobalts, chartreuses and fiery oranges all owe their conception to sportswear, practically doubling as go-faster stripes in some instances.

So, just to recap, it’s sports sports sports for Wang, and right now, he’s in the right place at the right time to see his very contemporary vision prosper. Only time will tell how much longer sportswear can take being rendered as chic until we reach a point when people get tired of looking like they are always in a hurry. 

By Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Style.com

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