Mulberry celebrates unity and community for its 2023 festive campaign

MULBERRY has just released its latest campaign starring Alek Wek to usher in the new festive season. As an ode to the capriciousness and joyfulness of Christmas, the British heritage brand has opted for a humorous take for its new imagery.

Taking the viewers behind the scenes of a festive shoot, the campaign outlines the intricate details that go into planning and perfecting a shoot.

Mulberry 2023 Festive Campaign

Shot by esteemed filmmaker and creative practitioner Bunny Kinney, the campaign shows Alek Wek and various other characters in a range of mises en scène. Calling upon the timeless nature of dry British wit and satire, the videos encapsulate the uplifting atmosphere of the holiday season.

In particular, the campaign showcases the recently launched Lana and Pimlico styles. The Small Lana Top Handle in a reflective silver mirror and jewel-toned titanium blue fills the shoot with hints of vibrant hues and textures.

Mulberry 2023 Festive Campaign

In addition to this, Mulberry is also launching its second iteration of its lifestyle collection. The capsule collection embraces the importance of unity and community through the holidays. With handmade ceramics, dinner plates, candle holders, teapots and tea cups on offer, the brand has tapped into the importance of individuality and personality.

Moreover, Mulberry is continuing its support of The Felix Project – a London-based charity that collects surplus food from supplies and offers it to those who need it most. The brand will be raising funds for the charity through its festive programming.

The brand is hosting a Monthly Digestif, a panel-led pop culture review with Sydney Lima, alongside a weekly raffle which offers customers the chance to win Mulberry prizes.

by Sophie Richardson