Moncler and Alicia Keys team up for a collection that dares us all to dream

ALICIA Keys and Moncler have teamed up to create a collection that dares us to dream, transcending time and place. The Moncler x Alicia Keys collection draws inspiration from 90s-era New York, fusing the city’s vibrant energy and hopeful optimism with Keys’ signature androgynous style.

This gender-neutral collection showcases bold colorways, baggy silhouettes, and oversized trackwear inspired by late ‘90s Manhattan. Vivid hues such as green, red, and Alicia’s signature purple steal the spotlight, while accessories like nylon bucket hats, cropped halter tops, and shrunken tees exude youthful confidence and sensuality.

The accompanying campaign imagery, shot by Ibrahem Hasan and Laura Jane Coulson, highlights New York’s creative community, featuring a diverse cast of next-generation dreamers. This visual metaphor for striving, reaching, and surpassing dreams is brought to life as Keys and her cast swing above the city’s iconic skyline.

The Moncler x Alicia Keys collection made its debut at London Fashion Week during Moncler’s The Art of Genius event. The theme of community was further emphasized as Keys shared the stage with London-based artists Little Simz and Cleo Sol, showcasing the designs for the first time.

Launching exclusively on Net-a-Porter on March 22, the collection arrives in select Moncler boutiques and on March 23. The Moncler x Alicia Keys collaboration invites us all to embrace our dreams, pushing boundaries and defying expectations in a collection that captures the essence of the creative spirit.


by Zlata Kryudor