LFW SS24: Mark Fast

LONDON-BASED designer Mark Fast debuted his spring-summer 2024 collection during London Fashion Week titled, Dawn to Dusk.

This season the brand honed into nature’s inherent beauty but with a futuristic twist and the overall collection brought together the mysterious quintessence of desert terrain and the calmness that chaperones nightfall.

The collection showcased garments fabricated from linen blends, stretchy elastic fabrics and lightweight denim with the intention of communicating Fast’s admiration for the dynamic rhythm that conducts life.

The materials used demonstrated a multifaceted quality with their capabilities to promise comfort under the desert’s burning sun while simultaneously welcoming the crisp air of dawn.

Fast’s latest collection exhibited various crocheted and beaded pieces displayed in vibrant colourways of green, pink, orange, purple and muted beige — these unisex designs provided a sense of versatility and elegance.

The colour palette illustrated the captivating charm of desert landscapes from its clear evening skies to denim displaying sunkissed hues, all highlighted by bright luminous tones.

Fast’s designs regularly incorporate a contemporary flair and this season it shone through monogram accessories and modern canvas shoes as the designer flawlessly brought together the past and future.

Dawn to Dusk was created for the youth and innovators of today — those who seize the vibrancy of living. The spring-summer 2024 collection which was influenced by the desert’s charm and the always-transitioning horizons of the fashion industry, beautifully blended vintage aesthetics with an essence of modernity resulting in a collection that felt current and refreshing.

by Nicole Pereira

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