Horace transforms its shampoo and face cleanser into solid versions

UNDERSTANDING the frustration with travelling with your beauty necessities, beauty brand Horace has made it easier to bring the things you love with you when going away this summer. Transforming three shampoos (£11) and their Purifying Face Cleanser (£11) into solid versions, you will be able to enjoy the sunshine stress-free.

The solid, water-free versions deliver the same benefits as their liquid counterparts and joy the already-established five superfatted soap bars that work for the body.

But to ensure they don’t slip away or get dirty on the side of the bathroom, Horace are launching a Magnetic Soap Holder (£9) to keep these products dry and to extend their lifespan. Never has male-grooming been easier when abroad!

by Imogen Clark

Solid shampoo available here

Solid cleanser available here