Guerlain celebrates World Bee Day with an international campaign for bee protection

FOR World Bee Day  leading beauty brand Guerlain has announced a major international campaign focused on protecting bees across the globe.

During the three-day campaign, Guerlain aims to raise €1 million to support the brand’s Guerlain for Bees Conversation Programme.

Guerlain World Bee Day

Guerlain World Bee Day

The conversation and protection of bees is essential to Guerlain as many natural treasures and resources depend on the existence and work of bees. The extinction of bees would also mean that many fruits, flowers and seeds, that Guerlain uses for colours and smells, would no longer exist.

Due to intensive farming, vanishing habitats and climate change the health of domestic as well as wild bees has been impacted across the world.

Alongside protecting bees, Guerlain is also focused on raising awareness around the importance of bee conversation worldwide. Thanks to its Bee School, Guerlain has been teaching children about the cause and significance of bees.

Guerlain for Bees

Guerlain for Bees

Customers can support the initiative by buying Guerlain products, of which 20 per cent of the sales will be donated to the programme.

A further €20 will be donated to the cause for every repost of the visual created by Tomáš Libertíny including the hashtags #GuerlainForBees and #WorldBeeDay on Instagram.

by Julie Heinisch

Guerlain’s World Bee Day campaign will run from May 20-22