Glass visits Rosewood Baha Mar, the Bahamas

WALKING into the Rosewood Baha Mar – the newest addition to the luxury hotel brand, located in the north coast of Nassau – is like walking into a good friend’s beach house for the very first time. There’s smiling faces, a warm welcome and a polite, “Please come in, have a seat.” I catch myself looking around, and I’m reminded of all the times I’ve walked into a friend’s home and inspected the room for things to point out, searching for compliments to give. I’m tempted to tell the smiling Bahamians, “You have a beautiful home” But although it feels like one, this isn’t a house.

Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel     Costa interior at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

With the reception desk tucked away to the side, the lobby space feels like a living room—albeit a lux, grand one. There are vases with fresh flowers everywhere, local artwork hanging on the walls, hand painted murals depicting Bahamian landscapes – recreated  from archival photographs—and an impeccable selection of furniture, each more special than the next. With the Rosewood slogan “A sense of place”, the Baha Mar is consistent with the identity its regular guests expect, while offering them one-of-a-kind experiences nurtured by the local context and history.

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelThe Library at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelReception and Mural at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

Its main restaurant, The Commonwealth, taps into The Bahamas’s historic connection to Britain, having been one of its colonies until 1973. By presenting a menu of contemporary takes on traditional cuisine from six regions around the globe – New Zealand, Australia and India among half of them – the restaurant is a celebration of diversity and historic legacy. It’s clear that the Rosewood blends old world charm with the contemporary traveler, and its lounge space, Manor Bar, elegantly embodies this. From the moment you walk in, you’re reminded of the richness and flair of the 1920s, but its menu brings a modern twist, reinterpreting some of our favourite cocktail classics, such as its Smoked Old Fashioned (bourbon, bitters, smoked maple board).

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelManor Bar at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

Across from Manor Bar, for a selection of carefully curated local teas, there’s The Library—which also has a wonderful variety of pastries, scones, sandwiches and champagne. Inside this unforgettable space, bathed in the tropic’s sunlight piercing its floor to ceiling, arched windows that look out to the pools and beach, you’ll find timeless options like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, along with more unexpected blends such as Guava and Tamarind, each intended to have healing components.

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelCommonwealth Bar at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

This fusion of British Colonialism and the Bahamian seaside also finds its way into the bedroom, each with a balcony looking out to Nassau’s coastline, immaculately designed within a theme of luxury-meets-the-tropics. There are a total of 237 rooms, villas and suites, offering a wide variety of options for all kinds of travelers, from single professionals looking to unwind in pristine beaches to groups of friends in the pursuit of making memories together.

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelKing room, sitting area at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelGrand one bedroom suite bathroom at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

Rosewood Baha Mar strives for this, attempting to incite moments of friendly exchanges, not only with the warm hospitality of their staff but also between guests. This is the case of their now open restaurant, Costa, where guests will book a time slot, rather than a table, and you arrive to one of the four floating pagodas, dining alongside new people in the hopes of creating a community of Rosewood guests from different parts of the globe.

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelResort Garden Nook at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

As I walk to the beach from my private poolside cabana after a day of sunshine, I notice there aren’t any waves in the baby blue ocean in front of me. Instead, the Atlantic is cool, calm and collected. Looking out at the endless horizon, there’s not a single care in sight. And although, somewhere out there, there are over 700 islands that make up The Bahamas’s archipelago, I’m convinced there’s nowhere else quite like Rosewood Baha Mar.

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelLagoon Pool at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

Rosewood Baha Mar HotelQuiet pool 1 (birds eye view) at the Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel

by Regner Ramos

Leading rates for Rosewood Haha Mar start at $595 for rooms and $4,970  for villas. For more, visit here

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