Glass settles into South Kensington’s Harrington Court

LIGHTNING visits to London where I go from meeting to meeting are always a bit of a blur. But as someone who sees traveling as a fantastic opportunity to mix business with pleasure, choosing where to stay is key. For busy trips, I like staying somewhere that, at the end of the day, makes me feel like I’ve have had two types of days simultaneously: a rushed, productive one where I’m maximising my time, but also one where I actually feel that I’ve been able to unwind and enjoy it.

Across from west London’s South Kensington station, Cheval Residence’s serviced apartment property, Harrington Court, does just that. It’s perfect for the traveller that craves the hustle-and-bustle of a big city like London, while recreating the familiar feeling of relief – of arriving home after a long day at work.


3A Living 01 COMP Apartment Living Room
The apartment living room at Harrington Court


After last summer’s stay at their Three Quays property, Cheval has gradually become a place I trust will look great and make me feel even better, particularly since Harrington Court is the newest addition to the Cheval portfolio. So when my car pulls up in front of the property and I grab my bags to make my way in, the smiling concierge reminds me I’m in good hands, as I’m taken up to the fifth floor to my temporary home away from home.

My two-bedroom apartment is simple, yet charming; generous, yet cosy. My favourite feature are the petite balconies facing north. Behind the buildings across the street, I notice two Victorian towers made of stone, and I immediately recognise them as the entrance to the famous Natural History Museum.

5B Bedroom 231 COMP Top Floor Bedroom with BalconyThe top floor bedroom and balcony at Harrington Court


One of the perks of staying at Harrington Court is you can quite literally walk down the street and visit some of the city’s most celebrated landmarks, allowing you to revel in the life west London has all on its own. For a day of shopping in London, it doesn’t get any better than a stroll through Knightsbridge, Kensington High Street or Sloane Square, each offering immense variety—whether you’re searching for that perfect pair of Persol eyeglasses you can’t get at home or simply browsing through memorably stationary for your desk.


5B Livingroom 019 COMP Top Floor Living Room Facing Natural History Museum's Towers
The top floor living room facing the Natural History Museum’s Towers

For those wanting to immerse themselves in unforgettable culture and entertainment, Royal Albert Hall’s series of performances is unrivaled, boasting everything from The Nutcracker to Cirque du Soleil: Ovo. And of course, visits to the Science Museum and the V&A, all free of charge, are always a memorable time. For me, though, the two towers in my view are etched in my mind, acting as beacons calling out to me. I grab my camel-coloured cape, dash out into the crisp winter air and head off to the Natural History Museum.


5F BEdroom 068 COMP Bedroom at Cheval Harrington Court
The bedroom at Cheval Harrington Court

Even if you’re looking for a quick visit before your dinner reservations at Spanish restaurant, Tendido Cero, a trip to the museum is a dream. I recommend going one or two hours before the sun sets: the main gallery space is spectacularly lit with the last, soft rays of light illuminating its hard, stone walls before nighttime takes over London.

The blue whale skeleton hanging above will take your breath away, as will the collection of dinosaur fossils that make up its permanent exhibit. An animal-lover through and through, particularly mesmerised by ocean mammals, one of the highlights of my stay at Harrington Court is the exhibition Whales: Beneath the Surface.


104_Bedroom03_0096 Studio at Cheval Harrington Court
The studio at Cheval Harrington Court

 Whether you’ve had a long day out in the city, or simply out in the beautiful, very posh SW1 neighbourhood, coming back home to Harrington Court is the cherry on top of the cake. Cheval offers a variety of options for each visitor, ranging from studios, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments, each offering nightly-basis visits as well as year-long stays. As a visitor to London, Cheval Harrington Court offers the closest possible experience to what life in London’s like for both an up-and-coming or an already-established professional looking to immerse themselves in world-class culture without sacrificing the feeling of being at home.


104_Bedroom05_0115 Studio Apartment
The studio apartment

Appartment_306_Living 02_0066 Apartment Living Room at Cheval Harrington CourtThe apartment living room at Cheval Harrington Court

by Regner Ramos

Whales: Beneath the Surface ends 28 February 28, 2018

For more details about Cheval Harrington Court please go here

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