Glass goes to The Hair Bros to uncover the best ’60s hairdo tips

NEW kids on the block, The Hair Bros a.k.a. Nick Latham and Sean Paul Nother have taken the London hair scene by storm – no doubt you’ve seen them across socials giving plenty of cool, coiffed hairdos. And they are so very good at the retro, ‘60s vibe from a modern take on the classic easy breezy, effortless fringe to the ultimate sexy bob that defined the decade.

They’re so good there’s a waiting list, and you’ll want to get yourself on it. In the meantime, here’s a few of their favourite ‘60s hair looks in time for a summer refresh.

The ‘60s Bob Hair Cut

We believe that mid-neck is the perfect length to achieve that iconic ’60s bob. To get the look, be that hair is left chunky ended. To give you an idea of length, it should graze the neck. 

A ’60s bob is long enough to tie up yet short enough to turn heads. The beauty of this hair cut is that this bob can be thrown into any parting with equal effect – it offers a statement while also looking effortless.

To gain the second day volume that we all love, simply flip your bob to the other side. 

The heaviness allows for a Parisian air-dried feel when left natural, but you can put a round brush through the hair for a nod to classic ‘60s glamour. Some products to consider for maximum volume are the Davines Liquid spell and Undressed by Hairstory. As for tools, look to the Revlon One step hairbrush to make the blow-drying experience smoother. 

The ’60s Fringe

The ’60s fringe can be swept to the side or worn as a full fringe. To achieve a beautiful ‘60s fringe we suggest cutting more hair in to the fringe area. This creates a thicker effect, so when your hair is brushed back it will fall into a Bardot shape with lots added volume and thickness. 

Throw in four large rollers, leave it for an hour, and then just brush backwards for that famous ’60s-inspired volume. Fringes aren’t always high maintenance, and when they are cut well, a fringe can grow out beautifully and can still look great in 6 months’ time at a softer longer length. 

The ’60s Up Do

A super simple look that requires no heat and no fancy products, we love a modern take on a ‘60s knot. Here, there is a nod to retro glamour with an easy un-done feel. Perfect to try on hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two. It’s got a little extra volume around the crown area, think slightly Bardot-esq but a modern rendition. 

We always like to leave the front pieces of shape in the hair fall out a frame the face. Our top tip is to simply shake your head and let the pieces naturally fall out. It should never look like you have tried too hard. 

by Felicity Carter

The Hair Bros, 123 Sydney Street, London, SW3 3UD;

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