Dorchester Collection launched its latest artist trail at Hotel Principe di Savoia

DORCHESTER COLLECTION unveils its latest addition to its private walking artist trail series where guests are escorted on a culturally charged walk following the narratives of history’s most iconic artists.

The experience thus far has been available at Dorchester Collection hotel’s, Le Meurice in Paris where guests can follow Picasso’s Montmartre, Monet’s Revolutionary Brushstrokes, and Rodin’s Love and Torment while their Hotel Eden in Rome offers Rebel and Rome and 45 Park Lane in London presents Hepworth’s Rhythm & Form.

However, their latest addition will be at Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan and will take guests on an exploration through the story of Lucio Fontana through the experience of the Fontana – Slashing Space trail.

Hotel Principe di Savoia

The Slashing Space experience adventures out into the world of Fontana and his audacious attitude towards his craft.

Through the artist’s Spatial Movement, and his limitless imagination to create art for the modern era, Fotana used painting, sculpture and architecture to rise above tradition, welcoming technology in transforming the history of art.

Hotel Principe di Savoia

The trail starts at Hotel Principe di Savoia, where guests visit the rooftop terrace which overlooks the city of Milan. The experience showcases the district of Brera which within resides the distinguished Arts Academy Fontana attended, his studio courtyard which now houses a contemporary art gallery, and even the Duomo and its Gothic design which complements the artist’s Neon structure situated on the top floor of the Museo del Novecento.

Hotel Principe di Savoia

The event will be accompanied by an art-historian guide and modern art specialist who will chaperone the guests throughout their journey. Depending on the guest’s preferences, the artist trail is available as a one-on-one or small private group experience which will take its guests on a captivating journey of Lucio Fontana’s life and career.

Through the latest addition to the artist trail series at The Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, Dorchester Collection aims to demonstrate the brand’s ties to the arts and guide their guests into the cultural discovery of the city in which they are visiting.

The Fontana – Slashing Space trail takes guests on an enthralling journey of Milan alongside its plunge into the history of one of the city’s most renowned residents.

“Building on the excitement of our Legendary Artists’ trails, we’re delighted to announce Fontana – Slashing Space as the first of our trails in Milan at Hotel Principe di Savoia. We were inspired by the indelible impact Fontana made on the art world, from Paris to London, Tokyo to New York, along with a slew of exhibitions worldwide – kickstarting the Spatialist movement”, Helen Smith, CEO of Dorchester Collection

by Nicole Pereira

The Fontana – Slashing Space experience is available now from €710 per night

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