Dior pays homage to Mexican craftsmanship with its 2024 accessories

SCINTILLATING with metallic detailing, the Dior Cruise 2024 collection features many show-stopping, delicate accessory pieces. Inspired by a local Mexican craftsmanship technique, Maria Grazia ChiuriDior’s Creative Director – has called upon the image of the butterfly for Dior’s seasonal offering.

Despite Dior being known for its emblematic bumble bee motif, Maria Grazia Chiuri has subverted this symbol for the Cruise collection.

In fact, the new pieces were inspired by Frida Kahlo. It’s said that whilst Kahlo was forced to lie in bed due to her chronic condition, Isamu Noguchi delivered her a selection of butterflies. As a result, the Dior cruise 2024 runway presentation was presented in Mexico City in order to celebrate Mexico’s culture and Frida Kahlo’s legacy.

Closer look at the Dior butterfly motif

Through a process of perforation, embossing, chiselling and engraving, Dior has infused the butterfly symbol into its Métamorphose belt and Métamorphose sautoir necklace. Each butterfly has been carefully crafted by hand by Dior’s expert artisans.

The sautoir butterfly models are made of wax before being transformed into rubber and placed into a cylinder for casting. With the final creatures being made into a light matte gold, the butterflies exude sophistication and luxury.

Closer look at the Dior butterfly motif

Additionally, the prestigious Maison has combined the butterflies with scintillating pearls in order to further elevate the ornamental pieces. By intertwining ideas of change, progression and freedom with its newest accessories, Dior demonstrates its timeless design codes.

by Sophie Richardson