Cellcosmet launches a new CellLift Lotion treatment

THE RENOWNED skin biotech brand Cellcosmet, has just announced a new product launch. The latest arrival to the skincare brand’s repertoire is the CellLift Lotion. S

pecialising in advanced cellular cosmetology, the new moisturising lotion promises to revitalise and renew cells ensuring that skin feels rejuvenated, fresh and healthy.

Known for releasing revolutionary skincare products, Cellcosmet was initially founded by Roland C. Pfister and Edith Pfister. Shortly after in 1988, their son, Alexandre Chappuis, joined the business and also decided to venture into skincare and cosmetics.

The family business continues to thrive today thanks to its continuous supply of ground-breaking products and the many additions to the team.

One of those additions is Jeremie Soeur – the Chief Scientific Officer at Cellcosmet. Speaking on the latest product, Soeur said: “Cell Lift Lotion is our new cellular essence designed to combine effectively with subsequent actives such as serums and moisturisers. The formula’s unique composition unites a richness of actives which target specific skin concerns, such as dry skin, skin redness or uneven skin tone, whilst also boosting firmness and radiance.”

Additionally, the product has undergone countless clinical trials to achieve the most reliable feedback. An impressive 81% of participants agreed that visible signs of fatigue had been reduced – a testimony to the rigorous dedication and hard work that has gone into the specialist product.

by Sophie Richardson

Available to buy now and with a retail price of £255, the product is a must-have for tackling any hard-to-tackle skincare issue.