Bottega Veneta unveiled third collaboration with Biennale Danza

BOTTEGA VENETA announces it contribution to Biennale Danza, marking the 17th year of International Festival of Contemporary Dance, for a third time as its primary partner. 

The brand collaborated with Biennale College Danza in the creation of a contemporary dance piece titled When I Am Facing U, choreographed by Chinese dance prodigy Xie Xin. The cultural institution, La Biennale di Venezia, established in 1895, initiated the Biennale College project as an avenue for young artists to dedicate their practice.

The performance was commissioned by the institute and was executed by selected dancers from the project. Referred to as movement alchemists the performers are known for their urgent curiosity for exploration and experimentation.

Creative Director Matthieu Blazy, created the costumes worn by the dancers with the focus being on reflecting the sensuality of the choreography through the fluidity and causality of the materials used. Contrasting quintessential denim silhouettes were created using photo printing on viscose silk.

The festival which ran from 13 to 29 July is recognized for its international, diverse program hosting both leading talent and emerging artists. Altered States tilted Biennale Danza this year and marked the third chapter in which Wayne McGregor directed. It adventured into the control of motion in reference to techno culture and scientific conceptions.

The festival programme hosted daily events featuring the works of soloists and international establishments alongside various activities of Biennale College Danza.

“The artists and art works selected for Biennale Danza 2023 are movement alchemists. Their work is driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and experiment both in process and performance; through improvisation, soma-sensory installation, radical minimalism or with surprising departures of form and context.

Fundamentally, they challenge traditional dance orthodoxies and in doing so release us to experience our bodies anew, connecting our external models of the world with our lesser-known internal maps – altering our states of understanding and experience”. – Wayne McGregor

by Nicole Pereira