Bottega Veneta launch artisanal academy for students

BOTTEGA VENETA launched a new project this October, showcasing the brand’s passionate dedication to its artisanal craft.

Accademia Labor et Ingenium is an academy which builds on the foundation of the brand’s inherent connection to the bottega, where craftsman and artisans have perfected their skills and shared their knowledge prevailing generations.

As for the name — Labor et Ingenium — Bottega Veneta chose to represent their ethos and values of craft and creativity through its title. 

Bottega Veneta Accademia Labor et Ingenium

The academy will operate between two locations; the brand’s atelier in Montebello Vicentino and its manufacturing site in Povolaro Dueville. The workshop will welcome Bottega Veneta employees, newly hired workers and external students who will be taught by skilful artisans through a program of training activities, workshops, and courses.

Bottega Veneta Accademia Labor et Ingenium

Accademia Labor et Ingenium will provide the program to 50 students a year with a guaranteed position at Bottega Veneta after its completion. Led by five of the brand’s masters, the academy will adhere to the fashion house ethos that has guided the company since its founding in 1966.

The course will further provide training for existing Bottega Veneta employees who would like to up-skill or re-skill their craft alongside, also working closely with regional partners in the hopes of encouraging the creativity and vigour of the Veneto area and passing on the Made in Italy legacy. 

Bottega Veneta Accademia Labor et Ingenium

A seven-week masterclass taking place in mid-October will kickstart the academy’s first external collaboration which will be in partnership with Università Iuav di Venezia.

Titled, The Artisanal Creative Process: Training Course in Bag Design & Product Development, the program will provide eight students from IUAV with a course composed of classroom, virtual and atelier-based education.

Bottega Veneta Accademia Labor et Ingenium

“Accademia Labor et Ingenium is a key strategic pillar to preserve Bottega Veneta’s unique savoir-faire, exceptional craft and creativity are essential to our brand and the heritage of our home region in Veneto. With Accademia, we take the collective ethos at the heart of Bottega Veneta to a new level, building on our rich history of skill-sharing and innovation to nurture the artisans of the future”. — Bottega Veneta CEO, Leo Rongone

by Nicole Pereira