Beaverbrook announces partnership with WildKitchen

BEAVERBROOK stands to be the first hotel in the UK to launch a WildKitchen, founded by British film-maker Guy Ritchie, which invites guests to join in a celebration of cooking in the outdoors. In this new partnership, the state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen will withstand all weather, all year-round.

WildKitchen by Guy Ritchie

Beginning with a love for fire, BBQs and nature, the WildKitchen represents an authentic al fresco experience that promotes the outdoor-living experience. After years of fine-tuning several prototypes and a cameo in the film The Gentlemen, this unique action binds together the inner passions of Guy Ritchie.

WildKitchen by Guy Ritchie

With the world’s first, fully-retractable canvas, this enterprise is truly in a league of its own as this flexible cooking contraption sits proudly next to The Italian Gardens at Beaverbrook, seamlessly blending into the breathtaking views of The Surrey Hills.

Seating between 12 to 25 guests, the WildKitchen caters to every season with under table heating to keep everyones legs warm and even a beautiful copper table top that ensures plates remain heated.

WildKitchen by Guy Ritchie

 “You want the benefit of the indoors and the outdoors, so we made WildKitchen completely retractable. If you want to furl everything up you are completely outdoors within minutes, if the wind or rain starts to hit, you just drop the roof and you are completely protected from the elements. And when the evenings get cooler the table keeps you warm”. – Guy Ritchie.

by Alicia Tomkinson

Available from 19th October 2023 at Beaverbrook