V&A Museum of Childhood presents an exhibition about sibling relationships

THE V&A Museum of Childhood will display a new exhibition by Madeline Waller, titled Sister Brother, which explores sibling relationships and how these relationships affect our sense of identity.

V & A Museum of Childhood, frontThe exterior of the V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green

The show includes double, triple and quadruple portraits inspired by sociologist Katherine Davies’ paper Siblings, Stories and the Self. There has been a many studies that show that the roles we are given within a family group embed themselves within us from an early age and become a defining part of who we are. The amount of similarity or difference we feel from our families also can determine what we become in the future. Waller was especially keen to explore the inter-sibling relationships since she is the youngest of four children, and has three children herself.

Lottie Martha - Madeleine WallerMadeleine Waller – Lottie Martha

Limamous Abdou - Madeleine WallerMadeleine Waller – Limamou Abdou

Crystal Raven Luke - Madeleine WallerMadeleine Waller – Crystal, Raven, Luke

Madeleine Waller is an Australian artist who moved to London to study photo-journalism. Over time she chose to focus almost exclusively on portraiture. She is currently the Photographer in Residence at the Harrow School and is working on a project in Northumberland that uses photography to try and improve the creative writing skills of children.

by Allie Nawrat

The V&A Museum of Childhood is the UK’s National Museum of Childhood and its mission is to hold the nation’s childhood collections and to be an international leader in engaging audiences in material culture and experiences of childhood. It is located in Bethnal Green, East London

Waller’s exhibition, Sister Brother, will run from November 25 until May 30