Twyla x i am OTHER release limited edition collection

PHARRELL Williams and his multi-media creative company, i am OTHER, is collaborating with Twyla – a brand which works with artists to offer limited-edition pieces you simple cannot find anywhere. The collection which launch today, is a reasonable priced limited edition prints from the artist who defy stereotypes.

M. Tony Peralta, Angelica Hicks and Freegums are the artist joing up with the Twyla x i am OTHER, releasing five pieces ranging and drawing from different inspiration, ideas and style.

Icons by M. Tony Peralta

M. Tony Peralta showcases his talent and adopts the popular pop-art style of art. Using Latina icons – Selena, Celia Cruz, Lynda Carter and Frida Kahlo. The singers, actress and painter are printed with hair rollers in their hair and in the familiar block colours – in the similar style as Andy Warhol. Peralta’s piece focus on four idols, which he made specifically for Twyla. He has created five piece which are exclusive on the website.

Angelica Hicks

From clockwise: Frida Nipple, Darth Jacobs, Man – Drake and Drag and Bone know as theAll Four One and One Four All piece by Angelica Hicks

Illustrator and artist, Angelica Hicks, described as an “Instagram meme lord” by Vogue, creates humorous and ironic prints which reference pop culture and fashion. Collaborating with Gucci, Hicke created a limited set of t-shirts for the brand. Now her comical and charming prints are available featuring Marc Jacobs, Drake, RuPaul and Frida Kahlo.


8pm July 5, 2017 LA, CA 90042 by FREEGUMS

4pm July 19, 2017 LA, CA 90042 by FREEGUMS

Graphic designer, Alvaro FREEGUMS Ilizarbe, creates intense and intricate designs, line drawings and patterns. He has also worked with Nike and Toyota. His pieces, which will be on the website, feature mixed media work and is influenced by pop-culture figures, landscapes and his fascination with humans and their relationship with the environment.

i am OTHER, is a company which specialises in working with a variety of industries such as fashion, music, technology and film. Twyla x i am OTHER as well as the artist definitely defy the stereotype and open up a whole new world.

by Amrit Chana

For more information, check out the Twyla website and where to buy click here.

Prices from the collection range from $300 – $1,250 – framed and unframed. The collection launches on July 25.

M. Tony Peralta – Icons, starting at $800

Angelica Hicks –All Four One and One Four All, starting at $300

FREEGUMS – 8pm July 5, 2017 LA, CA 90042 and4pm July 19, 2017 LA, CA 90042 , starting at $450

More information about the artist click on their names here: M. Tony Peralta, Angelica Hicks and FREEGUMS.

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