Glass reviews ThisWorks In Transit Skin Defence

HAVING been raised in a tropical country and in Asian culture, trust me when I say that sunscreen is like a lifeline for my skin.  However, a frequent problem is that most sunscreens – especially the higher SPF range that I prefer, SPF30-50  – are often to oily for me, a problem that has been annoyingly exacerbated by the recent heatwaves in London. Thankfully, I have ThisWorks In Transit Skin Defence to fall back on.

In transit skin defense RRP £29.00 copyThisWorks In Transit Skin Defence

ThisWorks In Transit Skin Defence is a daily moisturiser which boasts broad spectrum UVA/UVB and SPF30 protection and is chockfull of antioxidants. Upon application, it feels a little sticky but dries down to a lightweight texture. Although it is thicker than some sunscreens on the market, keep in mind that you can use this alone as it is a moisturiser too. It also applies beautifully with make-up, with no piling issues and no white cast on the face. Its fresh scent is light and barely noticeable.

Made with sensitive skin in mind, In Transit Skin Defence is fortified with ThisWorks’ Bio Boost formula, a blend of restorative antioxidant plant oils, hydrating hyaluronic acid and calming vitamin E. Aside protecting your skin from long-term sun damage, the formula promises to even skin tone, conceal imperfections and help reduce signs of sensitivity such as redness, swelling and itching.

Although I would not go so far as to say that it is the sunscreen to top all sunscreens (that quest is still ongoing), it certainly stands as one of the best. A wonderful day moisturiser, it incorporates sun protection qualities and lets your skin breathe. If this heat is tempting you to spend hours under the sun, then the In Transit Skin Defence is definitely heaven sent.

by Kay Leong 

The In Transit Defence costs £29 and is available online at ThisWorks, Space NK and Boots


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