The Blue Hour: An exhibition for one night only

TAKING its name from the time of day just before the sun rises and just after it sets, where time is ambiguous and suspended, The Blue Hour intends to unite six artists, promoting openness to prevail through abstract expression. Very timely as it takes place during Frieze week in the capital where art in London is, arguably, at its best and certainly at its most accessible, the one-night exhibition this Friday will play host to art across various mediums; modern sculpture, photography, light installation, video and painting, bringing together the sometime primitive, but mostly ethereal translations of the mystique surrounding the ambiguity of time. Exhibiting artists are; Richard Evans, Romana Londi, Nathaniel Rackowe, Hiraki Sawa, David Spero and Douglas White.

richard-evans-maquette-for-lamentation-3-2016Richard Evans, Maquette for Lamentation 3, 2016

nathaniel-rackowe-dg06-detail-2016Nathaniel Rackowe, DG06 (detail), 2016

douglas-white-dark-moon-1-2016Douglas White, Dark Moon #1, 2016

by Stephanie Clair

The Blue Hour is curated by Rowena Chiu and is the first of two exhibitions. The second of which is entitled The Magic Hour.

The Blue Hour opens October 7 as a one-night show from 6-9PM at the Basement Gallery, Carousel, 71 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London W1U 8AB

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