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THE opening day of Paris Fashion Week has set a theatrical stance to the final leg of SS19 womenswear shows. Following on from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s racecourse-set for Dior’s dance attire, Alessandro Michele opted to stage Gucci‘s one-time Paris show at the Le Palace theatre. Inside, a conventional runway was eroded. Instead, the stage was the centre point of view, and upon it, Michele’s Gucci army amassed.

Michele is heavily into his 1970-inspired show by this point. He continually takes codes from this decade and infuses it with modern glamour. Last night’s edition? Opulent colour, eccentric decoration and indulgent structures – so essentially, the Guccification that we all know and love. Prior to their heavenly congregation on stage, models weaved through the aisles of the theatre in an oh-so heavenly fashioned form. They wore sharp-cut flared suits, waistcoats topped with eccentric fringe details, flower-embossed cardigans, and pants constructed by strawberry print. Over-the-top, you might ask? Potentially, but Michele’s accreditation for the house deems it completely fun and completely wearable.

As per the current mindset of Gucci, accessories were particularly interesting. Glasses were excessively oversized (geek chic), there was a Micky Mouse handbag, and not to mention, a live parrot adorned on one model’s shoulder. So far, so Gucci? Yes – after all, this was the third and final part of Michele’s recent homage to Paris, so it was sure to be grand. That dramatic statement in the heart of Paris was so too aided by the brand’s accompanying performance. Mid-show, lights dimmed and up popped Jane Birkin, with a French song to enhance that sheer sense of romanticism running through the garments.

As the Gucci army took full force on Le Palace’s historical stage,the Italian brand continued to hold the force of fashion week. Eccentric as the house continues to be, there is one thing Michele’s designs continue to remind us of – a desire to take a romanticised approach to dress. And not to hold back at all.

by Faye Fearon

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