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MORE typical of a Parisian summer day, the sun shone exceptionally strong on Grand Palais this week. The Chanel-clad ladies who queued up for the show seemed to regret their choice of wool-tweed jackets and quilted boots (only for a second though, as what else would you wear to a Chanel show?). On entering, one was met by a beautifully green landscape of majestic mountains and waterfalls, which further reinforced that summery feel, albeit confusing us just a tad.

We knew it was going to be grande, but this time scenery refused to give anything away too easily. Certainly less straightforward than a casino or a supermarket, we asked ourselves what it could mean. A tropical rainforest theme? An ode to The Sound of Music? Or was this a commentary on global warming? None of the above, fortunately.

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This lush setting referenced Gorges du Verdon, which is somewhat of a French version of the Grand Canyon. Lagerfeld’s muse who opened the show (Kaia Gerber, of course, has anyone else opened a show this month?) was naturally dressed for a fieldtrip with the class of SS18. Well-prepared for any showers that might occur, she marched out in a look that could best be described as ‘“plastic fantastic á la Chanel’”.  Classic Karl, another concept of mixing the slightly vulgar with the highly sophisticated.

Although the thigh-high transparent boots lost out on their originality to Yeezy’s versions from last season, the rest of the offering (little wide-brim hats, capes, fingerless gloves and ankle rain-boots) felt fresh, spring-y and, dare I say it, relevant to the London weather. The signature tweed bouclé flowed through in aquatic tones while shimmering lurex and “liquid sequins” resembled the light-play occurring on the surface of Parisian street puddles after a night of rain. 

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Then the bags, of course, as one can never ignore those at a Chanel show; double-bagged this season, with one weekend bag and a city version clinging together, which came in subtle rainbow palettes with PVC shells and rubber trims to complete that water-proof effect. In conclusion, one could say – Karl once again made it rain.

by Anna Madsen

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