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SPACE is the final frontier – and one for which fashion has always had a continuing fascination. Given that Karl Lagerfeld is far and away the master of dramatic presentation, it is fitting that he chose space travel as the theme for the Chanel AW17 show at Paris Fashion Week this week.


There is no beating around the bush: this was one of the most memorable Chanel runway shows of all time, one that demonstrated the creative and financial superpower of this iconic brand. For one, it is hard to forget a 35-metre tall Chanel rocket placed in the middle of the Grand Palais—especially one that actually launches 10 metres into the air.


The collection itself was pure 1960s futurism meets Jackie Kennedy, full of the stiff fabrics, miniskirts, silver go-go boots and bouffant hairdos held back by Alice bands. The retro feel was made stark through the monochromatic colour palette, which was only interrupted by wild metallic purples and the occasional bright blue. The Chanel suit was full-on heritage but ever-so slightly modernized with squared off shoulders and accessorised with fingerless gloves.


There were also reefer jackets and oversize coats in tweed and houndstooth, along with vinyl tops and rocket-style skirts.


Chiffon evening dresses and blouses took the space theme literally with astronaut and Saturn-ring prints. Some models carried reinterpreted minaudières in the shape of rockets and planets, while others sported metallic Gabrielle bags.


by Jessica Quillin

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