New line of lip pencils from Rodin

THE American beauty and skincare brand Rodin launched a new line of luxury lip pencils this week, matching the shades of the existing luxury lipstick collection. The highly pigmented wooden pencils are infused with jasmine and neroli oils as Rodin’s products are famous for being based on a mixture of essential oils.

Rodin Luxury Pencil Set[1] - Copy

Linda Rodin’s new Luxury Lip Pencils in all five shades

The lip pencils offer a more defined and intense colour for the lips as you draw a matte base before applying the creamy texture of the lipstick injected with castor seed, lavender and jojoba seed oils. The collection comes in five shades named Red Hedy, a classic and elegant red, Winks of a hot pink, Tough Tomato which is a bright orange red, So Mod, a nude rosy pink colour inspired by the ‘60s and Bridget Bardot, and Billie on the Bike, a pinky berry shade named after the founder Linda Rodin’s mother.

Linda Rodin founded her eponymous brand in 2007 after spending two years experimenting with essential oils in her bathroom in order to create the perfect product she couldn’t find on the market. And then came the original Olio Lusso, a moisturising face oil, “luxurious oil” in translation. Since then, Rodin added a body oil, hair oil, lip balm, candle, perfume, lipsticks and now lip pencils to her selection of products.


Rodin’s Luxury Lipstick in Billie on the Bike shade

Linda Rodin herself is a very interesting character. With white hair, light blue tattoos, amazingly stylish and always with dark glasses decorating her face and a lipstick brightening her lips, one wants to know this woman. She doesn’t wear anything else but olio lusso and the luxury lipsticks and lip pencils by Rodin on her skin and hair. Simplification of her beauty routine is what drove her to develop the olio lusso in the first place. “For me, I can’t apply my lipstick without my lip pencil first. They definitely make the perfect two-step experience for me – just the right duo,” says Linda Rodin.

by Sara Hesikova

Images courtesy of Naihala Lasharie PR

Rodin’s Luxurious Lip Pencils are now available at Liberty retailing at £25 each.