Maison Chaumet hosts LVMH’s Les Journées Particulières

THE Maison Chaumet opens its door for the fourth edition of Les Journées Particulières by LVMH based on the theme Jewellery Symphony, The Art of Detail.

Its historic salons at 12 Place Vendôme emphasise the richness of its heritage and expertise, and will be offering the general public the opportunity to experience the archives and get involved in interactive workshops in a unique way.




Upon entry into the headquarters, visitors will be greeted by a display of historical photographers depicting the complexities of their jewellery and to uncover the intricate detail that lies beyond the naked eye. The images stem from Chaumet’s photography collection and include 350,000 pieces from the 1890s onwards.


At the heart of the jeweller’s identity are the preparatory and artistic drawings that will be displayed in the Salon de Dessins in a collaborative manner establishing a dialogue between the past and present. This will be followed by an exploration of the closed world of jewellery creation – a presentation of jewellers, setters and polishers who work together to bring out the beauty of precious stones in mounting boasting delicacy and movement.


The exhibition takes you on a journey from the large to the small, from giant projections of the jewellers Epis de Blé tiara from 1910 to the miniscule meticulous actions of the setter filmed under the microscope.

by Imogen Clark

This exhibition is taking place at the iconic 18th century salons between October 12 to 14 at 12 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris. Find out more here.

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