M.Patmos wins International Woolmark Prize

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In March this year the 2015 the Woolmark final of the International Woolmark Prize came to Beijing, along with an esteemed panel of fashion’s influential elite, including designer Victoria Beckham, Angelica Cheung, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China and Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia among others. The prestige of such an award has life-changing consequences, with an alumni of winners including Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. A shortlist of designers were brought to China from across the globe including Europe, India, the Middle East, the USA, Australia and China.

American-born designer Marcia Patmos, creative mind behind M.Patmos was announced the final winner of this infamous award. Her use of fine textiles, texture combinations and tailoring were evident, creating a collection of classic and silhouette defining ready to wear garments.

Marcia spoke with Glass just after she had received the award of the International Woolmark Prize, about her ambitions to fuse technology with traditional production methods and the importance of China in her growth.

What impact will winning the International Woolmark Prize have on M.Patmos?
It will be a great boost for International brand building, as it will introduce the M.Patmos line to new markets and strengthen our presence in others.

We are currently in production for the woolmark collection, which will appear in the retail partner stores. I have already received many inquiries from around the world for new partners of many kinds and we are in development with a new project to be revealed this fall in China.

In an industry which predicts a fusion of our devices into wearable fashion, where do you see M.Patmos evolve to next?
We will continue to evolve, keeping the roots of high quality, well made products that are multi-functional. I don’t foresee any devices in the near seasons, but I have been speaking to different people about both high tech and artisanal collaborations. I am always interested in functionality, so if a device collaboration made sense, I would certainly be open to it.

You promote traditional techniques and blend this with a modern urban functionality, where do you see traditional techniques evolving to?
I believe traditional techniques will always have a place in fashion, there is something very special about an item touched by a human hand. I always look for ways to integrate the traditional with the cutting edge.

Are we forgetting the role of fashion, in chasing the emergence of fast, cheap, throwaway items?
Some people may be, but at M.Patmos our focus has always been on luxurious, high-quality pieces that become favourites and permanent features of a woman’s wardrobe. The ideals of the so-called slow fashion movement are gaining ground around the world.

Where would you like to see fashion evolve over the next 10 years?
I can see fashion continuing to evolve with the advances of technology, but at the same time, like many artisanal fields, there is a resurgence of traditional techniques that emphasize quality.

How will you and M.Patmos drive this movement?
My goal is to merge these two trends together, to innovate new ways of using tecnological advances in harmony with traditional techniques, to bring a high-quality, sustainable line of clothing to a wide audience seeking elegance and style, wearability and comfort, luxury and responsible production methods.

How significant is the China market to M.Patmos, how does it affect your collection and future brand focus?
I’m very excited that the International Woolmark Prize will help introduce my brand to the Chinese market. It was amazing to be in Beijing for the contest and to be able to visit Shanghai and Hong Kong on my trip to see first hand the fashion on the streets of these three remarkable, and very different cities.

by Kim Ing

M.Patmos is currently available at Joyce Hong Kong, with further boutiques to be announced soon.

Photo credits: The Woolmark Company and M.Patmos