LFWM SS19: Kiko Kostadinov

WORKWEAR of all varieties influenced the Kiko Kostadinov SS19 Show, which drew on an installation art piece by Martin Kippenberger imagining a world of communal job interviews through the lens of Kafka’s Amerika, as well as the social multifariousness of urban India.

Outfits paid homage to uniforms across all social strata, from sharply tailored plaid jackets to tabards and boiler suits, each given a more relaxed feel by Kostadinov’s draped construction and slightly rumpled presentation. The notion of diversity was echoed in the colour palette, which blended cool neutrals with high-vis orange, lilac and pastel green in reference to the energy of Indian streetscapes.

Streetwear styling united the disparate elements—in collaboration with Asics, models wore a selection of asymmetric sneakers as well as slouchy cropped trousers and sports jackets.

Despite its intellectual source material and utilitarian influences, the collection ultimately felt like a highly contemporary and wearable reflection of the diversity of urban culture.

by Rachel Parker 

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