LFWM SS19: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

BRINGING androgyny into dialogue with the digital age, the Charles Jeffrey Loverboy SS19 Show presented a futuristic vision of amorphous and gender-free fashion inspired by the imperfections of the human body.

For the first time, the designer introduced sportswear to his collection, styling neon athleticwear with striped knee socks and trainers. There was an alien quality to the surreal silhouettes and extra-terrestrial green and purple makeup on display, while familiar touches of tartan and slogan sweatshirts brought the collection back down to earth.

Despite its futuristic feel, the show countered our filtered and face-tuned modern existence, with lumps, bulges and disfigurements built into the clothes. The silhouettes on display rejected masculine/feminine binaries and instead took pleasure in the grotesque, celebrating all the flaws of the human form.

Exploring our complex relationship with the body—gender, disfigurement, digital manipulation and all—the show celebrated the intersection between the world of technology and the very human reality of a fleshly existence.

by Rachel Parker

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