JW Anderson AW18 Campaign shot by Your Picture / Our Future winners

THE IDEA of “creative refreshing” runs through the JW Anderson’s AW18 campaign, accurately reflecting the energy of young talent that was involved in the shooting. Following the Your Picture / Our Future initiative, three previously unpublished photographers were chosen out of 1,813 applicants to collaborate on the brand’s latest campaign. 

JW Anderson AW18 Campaign shot by Julie Greve

JW Anderson AW18 Campaign shot by Yelena Beletskaya

Julie Greve from the UK, Yelena Beletskaya from Russia, and Simons Finnerty from the US all carried their original ideas and styles through the competition into the three different shots: from more tender and feminine looks of Julie Greve to a rebellious spirit of the youth by Yelena Beletskaya. Anderson worked with the young artists allowing their wild creativity to flourish, realising their dreams beyond what they could previously imagine.

JW Anderson AW18 Campaign shot by Simons Finnerty

The three creatives captured the essence of JW Anderson in untainted, pure fashion. Simons Finnerty’s audacious self-portraits, in particular, show that the brand is ready to keep up with the new generation that doesn’t take itself seriously and always wants more. Our Future offers an utterly new perspective on the brand: while luxurious and refined, it makes the youth a priority in a way we haven’t seen before.

by Olga Kuznietsova

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