Gucci hosts Choreographer Michael Clark for dance performance

GUCCI’s Milan hub hosted Scottish choreographer Michael Clark for a performance from the Michael Clark Group. The dance company, which resides at The Barbican in London, performed Clark’s To a Simple Rock ‘n’ Roll … Song, a highly acclaimed production which Clark choreographed in 2016.

Michael Clark, famous for productions that provoke reactions and break boundaries, has long had a reputation for being at the forefront of innovation in choreography. Graduating as the star of The Royal Ballet School, Clark formed the Michael Clark Group in 1984. Despite an impressive number of accomplishments under his belt, his personal history has been somewhat tumultuous. Nonetheless, To a Simple Rock ‘n’ Roll … Song is nothing if not carefully choreographed and meticulously accomplished.

Michael Clark Gucci Dancers 7Michael Clark Group dancers perform To a Simple Rock ‘n’ Roll … Song at Gucci’s Milan Hub

The first half of the production pays tribute to Erik Satie and those he influenced, many of whom went on to inspire Clark’s own unique melange of Dadaism, surrealism, punk rock and traditional classical ballet.

The second half of the performance is a balletic eulogy to David Bowie, set to music from Bowie’s albums Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs, and it is here that Clark’s renowned rebellious streak shines through, as dancers channel the eccentricity that characterised Bowie’s life and music.

At the Gucci show, dancers thrilled the audience, which included CEO Marco Bizzarri, Argentinian footballer Mario Boselli, Italian Chamber of Fashion President Carlo Capasa, and fashion critic and curator Maria Luisa Frisa.

Many of the dancers wore pieces from Gucci’s new collection, their performance effortlessly bringing together two masters from the world of dance and the world of fashion, an exciting move that felt very true to Clark’s innovative impulses.

by Hannah Valentine

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