Glass visits the majestic Mediterranean resort of La Baraquette

WHEN I first heard about this new development, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s no secret that the south of France is an incredibly charming place, and the thought of a luxury resort landing on the peaceful Languedoc shoreline struck some concern within me as I imagined something exclusive that wouldn’t fit the local style. I was wrong.

Aerial view marseillan villageAn aerial view of Marseillan village

La Baraquette is unique, as it’s been built as an integrated extension of the village of Marseillan. Heralded as one of France’s most upcoming areas, the resort celebrates the local community and is openly built unlike other gated resorts so that bars, restaurants and attractions are part of the experience and only a stone’s throw away.

As I walk around the village at midday, I’m struck by the liveliness of the area which is filled with groups of people enjoying themselves at the string of cafes and restaurants by the canal. It’s clear that the water is a key feature here as boats are parked all along the strip, and owners proudly parade their vessels − a perfect viewing experience for locals who sit in outside enjoying the crisp local wine. I’m told that in the summer months, the canal hosts its annual boat jousting competition, which normally ends up with locals comedically falling into the water.

VillaThe Vineyard

The perk of a coastal location is of course a view of the sea however, La Baraquette offers something more unique. My eyes are drawn to two elements: earth and water, which come from the view of the newly planted vineyard which sits just before the shore. Residents are also graced by the spectacle of hundreds of wooden oyster tables that sit on the sparkly surface of the Mediterranean.

A perk of the vineyard is that it’s run and managed by the Languedoc wine maker, Seigneurie de Peyrat, who give residents two free cases of wine to enjoy every year. It doesn’t take much imagination to see yourself looking out from one of the villas infinity pools with a glass of wine sourced from the vines before you.

Etang de ThauOyster bays

Although Marseillan is best known for its popular fishing port, it’s also home to many great attractions such as the Noilly Prat visitor centre. On a guided tour, I was able to try each stage of the famous vermouth from its bitter beginning to the final product whilst surrounded by huge oak barrels. Our guide explains the barrels are opened up and transferred outside in order for the salty sea breeze to give the vermouth a deeper colour and flavour.

oysterLocal oysters

Noilly Prat is amongst many of the locally sourced products that you can enjoy at La Baraquette as residents can enjoy fine dining experiences in the resort’s restaurants and 5-star hotel. No doubt, diners can enjoy the finest produce of oysters washed down with some Noilly Prat, which is an extremely good combination.

A preview of the project shows it’s endless beauty as villas are placed on the doorstep of the Mediterranean with breathtaking views. It’s impossible to not enjoy the calm coastal charm that La Baraquette brings.

by Katrina Mirpuri

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