Glass reviews the Inkey List Tumeric moisturiser

WITH turmeric lattes taking over the world one cup at the time, it seems we just can’t get enough from this super spice. As it goes with most hypes, after exploring every possible way of consuming it, we add it into our beauty routine. Being a big fan of The Ordinary myself, I was curious to test out new-kid-on-the-block The Inkey List.

Having a similar ethos to The Ordinary, The Inkey List differentiates themselves by implementing the notion of less is more in all aspects of their brand, from the ingredients to the packaging but mainly their advice. No fancy, difficult to pronounce endless words, just the core ingredient, in my case Tumeric.

INKEY_Combo_Full_RangeThe Inkey List collection

This mustard-coloured spice is derived from curcuma and contains amazing anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a fantastic antioxidant. The level of hydration of my skin seems to plummet as quickly as the temperatures, leaving me with dry patches and redness. In an desperate attempt to help me tide over these changes to my skin I got my hands on The Inkey List Tumeric Moisturizer, promising to sooth my skin, supplying some well-needed hydration while simultaneously brightening my complexion.

Being the poster girl for combination skin, with a very oily T-zone and cheeks as dry as the desert, I’m always quite skeptical when applying moisturisers. But the silky smooth consistency persuaded me to risk it, a pea-sized drop will do the trick as it glides on the face effortlessly. The formula immediately sinked into my skin, giving it this nice glowy finish and surprisingly not exaggerating the oily mess also known as my T-zone. When applying it again at night, I grew quite fond of its earthy scent, as it had an equally soothing effect on my mood.

The Inkey List Turmeric Moisturiser

Testing the product to its full extent, I layered it over my go-to serum the next morning and it left my skin looking radiant and glowy. I topped it off with some SPF as the only downside to this product is the absence of spf-protection and I’m trying to avoid getting prematures wrinkles at all costs. The Inkey List moisturiser does makes up for this flaw by reducing the appearance my laugh lines that I have acquired over the years.

So far I’ve been loving the results as I didn’t combat any breakouts and my skin has been well-nourished. I’ve even found myself walking out of the door without any base make-up, seems like I’ll be repurchasing my turmeric saviour as soon as I hit the pan.

by Lupe Baeyens

The Inkey List Turmeric Moisturiser £7.99 available from Cult Beauty

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