Glass reviews Realine Eye and Smile Masks

IT’S a rare and wonderful thing when a product not only does what it says on the box, but also does some extra magic not spelled out, which in the case of Realine masks, is to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Before we get to the nuts and bolts of this quick-fix eye and smile line wrinkle reducer, let’s spare a thought for those women not even of a certain age but of any age, plagued more by ageing dark circles than crows’ feet.

Realine Eye and Smile Masks

Lines show at least you’ve been smiling, but dark circles just mean you are tired, or genetically predisposed to looking tired, even when you are not. Good foundation and under-eye creams have limited effects, but Realine’s soothing and cooling patches work like an eraser, making not only the dark circles disappear but also the lines, as well as plumping up the small hollows. They are also effective for reducing the appearance of the nose-to-mouth lines.

The Realine masks

The chemistry of this cheaper and pain-free form of temporary filler involves a combination of hyaluronic acid and sea minerals. One is in a liquid and the other, on some cotton pads. You put the liquid on the pads and the pads on the areas affected. Now the really good bit; lay still and let the velvety pads work their magic. Just 20 minutes after application, you look much brighter and significantly younger.

Realine masks

If you are getting ready for a special night out or need to look particularly bright-eyed for a morning meeting, the being still bit adds a touch of luxury and calm to a usually frenzied getting ready routine.  The real (hyaluronic) acid test – how many unsolicited compliments you get after using the product, “Have you been on holiday,” or the straight up, “You look younger, what have you done?” came at me the very morning I used Realine for the first – but definitely not the last time.

by Michele Kirsch

Realine Eye and Smile Masks retail at £48 for set of four

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