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THE idea of applying oil  as a treatment to the hair is one filed – for Glass at least – under handle with care. If you is prone to oily hair, why add more to the mix? However, Glass has discovered the Microfinish Oils by Paul Yacomine range made of organic essential oils, weight graded from ultra light, light to medium light, made of organic essential oils and are suitable for all hairs types, The Microfinish Oils are a new range from hairdresser and stylist Paul Yacomine in his eponymous line

The Microfinish Oils are light, easily absorbed by the hair and leave the hair tamed, texture restored and very shiny as well and not at all weighed down, heavy or sticky. They also smell great.

Paul Yacomine microfinish organic essential oils No1Microfinish Oil No.1

Microfinish Oil No.1 quickly evaporates leaving behind non-oily, silky hair and are suitable for all hair types of hair including fine. Our tester said this, “With the Microfinish No1 Paul Yacomine has masterfully pooled some of the most nourishing hair oils in a sleek spray bottle. I like to keep this banging around my handbag in case I catch a glance of my ends looking thirsty and limp, in which case I’ll spray a veil directly onto a tangle teezer and work the moisture from midway down my hair to get some bounce back. Alternatively, for a more intensive dose of the follicle indulging essential oils rosemary and patchouli, I’ll spritz plenty of the stuff all over my hair when I intend on air drying before the next wash and blow-dry.”

microfinish organic essential oils No2


Microfinish Oil No.2

Microfinish Oil No.2 is designed for heavier hair types that require a smoother, more defined cuticle. “The No 2 is designed for dry and frizzy hair – just like mine,” reports our tester of Oil No.2. “Only three or four drops of this light oil makes the frizziness instantly disappear upon a few sweeps through my wild curly hair after washing and air-drying it and my locks turn silky smooth. A great bonus is that it leaves my hands and hair smelling beautifully of rosemary, rose, orange peel and geranium.”microfinish organic essential oils No3

Microfinish No.3

Ideal for using before and after hair styling, as it uses heat as a catalyst, Microfinish No.3 , our tester reports that this oil “was a minor miracle for my hair which is very fine – but lots of it – long, prone to waviness and much colour treated. I added a few drops which I massaged into my wet hair after washing, and then added a few more drops after my hair was dry to style. The oil is very light, penetrates the hair easily, leaving it easy to style, brush and comb and looking and feeling silky-soft. A real painless result.”

by Glass Beauty

Available from the Cult Beauty site here

Microfinish No 1 (For All Hair Types) (50ml) £20.00; Microfinish No 2 (For Dry Dull Hair)( 50ml )£18.00
Yacomine Microfinish No 3 (For Heavier Hair Types)( 50ml )£20.00


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