Glass reviews Harper’s Bazaar – 150 Years: the Greatest Moments

ONE of the important influences of Glass Magazine has been the work of the triumvirate of Marvin Israel, Ruth Ansel and Bea Feitler, the art directors of Harper’s Bazaar USA that so successfully captured the youthquake of the 1960s in print and energised magazine imagery for generations to come. Their contributions, along with 149 other significant people, themes, shoots and events, make up a glorious numbered chronology of America’s first fashion magazine’s sesquicentennial.

Harper's Bazaar coverHarper’s Bazaar: 150 Years: The Greatest Moments – book cover

Bazaar’s art direction and inventive photography have led the pack for such a large part of the 20th century thanks, in part, to creatives like Man Ray, Cartier-Bresson, Avedon, Airbus, William Silano, Peter Moore, Lindbergh and Demarchelier together with visionary directors like such as Brodovitch, Baron and the aforementioned trio. Dovima with Elephants? That’s Bazaar. Suzy Parker and Mike Nichols (as Cleopatra-era Liz and Dick)? Bazaar too. Kate Moss in overalls? Again Bazaar.  Cindy, Christy, Linda and Naomi captured just before George Michael’s Freedom video? You got it. An essential guide to the epic journey of a the great pioneer in of fashion publications. 

Harper's Bazaar 5Harper’s Bazaar cover, 2002 – Giselle Bundchen

Harper's Bazaar 2Harper’s Bazaar cover, 1992 – Linda Evangelista

 Harper's Bazaar 4Harper’s Bazaar cover, 1867

by Ethan Long 

Harper’s Bazaar: 150 Years: the Greatest Moments, by Glenda Bailey.
Published by Abrams Books and retailing at $65