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IT isn’t everyday that a beauty product blows us away. But WunderBrow from Wunder2, the award-winning eyebrow gel, has literally moved us to tears – that is tears of joy. Quite simply, by the swipe of a little application brush, this gel enhances, redefines and appears to thicken our eyebrows. But what sets this smart little tube of product apart from other brands is that it really does achieve long-lasting brows. It states on the packaging that the gel can last up to three days, but we noted that, if you avoid the use of an oily make-up remover, it actually lasts for much longer.

The WunderBrow being applied

It’s quick and easy to use. Just ensure your brows are clean, dry and moisturiser-free. Then, move the applicator in short, feathery strokes over the brows or to where you would like to add more definition. Then soften and distribute the gel with the enclosed eyebrow brush. For a heavier look, simply reapply and wait a few minutes for product to dry.

The Wunderbrow in brown

Even after a hot shower my brows stayed where they should (not melted half-way down my face). They stayed in place, perfectly above my eyes – just where they should always be.

by Amanda Bernstein

WunderBrow comes in a choice of five colours ranging from Blonde to Jet Black. Priced at £19.95 and available from here

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