Christie’s Hong Kong and Michael Lau host inaugural private selling exhibition

CHRISTIE’S Hong Kong first ever private selling exhibition, in collaboration with Michael Lau, is open to the public. Not only will it give you the chance to purchase his work but it also provides an insight into Lau’s historic, and personal, concept – All Art Are Toys, All Toys Are Art, one that has been strongly influenced by his childhood years in Hong Kong. Known for his designer toy caricatures, and widely credited as the founder of the urban vinyl style within the designer toy movement, this exhibition looks to be a hit. Featuring 40 unconventional, graphic, and three-dimensional works, the exhibition encompasses six original themes.

Michael Lau at his exhibition.

Michael Lau, COLLECT THEM ALL!, 2018.

Michael Lau said, “This collection of works is deeply personal to me, resonating with the fond memories and personal emotions I have accumulated throughout my life. When conceptualizing this exhibition, I wanted to move away from the tradition of framed works hanging on blank walls, but instead have my works displayed almost in a home-like setting, allowing the observer to plot a course through the exhibition as if they were in a private space. It is my belief that every work of art is like a collector’s toy, and that every passionate individual is driven to keep acquiring until they have built their dream collection.”

Tracing his own progression in the art industry the exhibition’s themes begin with Gardener 1999, the source of his artistic career that also kickstarted the global ARTOY cultural phenomenon. Part II of the set of themes takes the viewer to the year 2000 with the Crazychildren series. The painting named Salvator Michael alludes to Lau’s likeness to the Italian artist, emulating the pose of Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi.

Michael Lau, PLAY, 2017.

Michael Lau, ONE SWEET ONE, 2018.

Michael Lau with Salvator Michael, 2018.

Part III reimagines Michael’s renowned six-inch figures created between 2003 and 2017. The images of these figures have been transferred onto paper boxes, which when unfolded become a sketch pad, transforming the work into a new medium. Part IV theme is named Remember Disc-Time Table and takes inspiration from Scandinavian vintage wooden tables and discs. Part V named what? we: want! is the same title of Michael’s solo exhibition held at Times Square Hong Kong in 2016. The three Ws stand for the abbreviation of the worldwide web and explore modern societies dependence on the virtual world. Finally part VI – Package and Change offers an examination of the pivotal role that attractive packaging plays for toy collectors, and depicts the psychology of advertising.

Michael Lau, 404 NOT FOUND, 2016.

Michael Lau, WARM, 2018.

Stepping away from his vinyl toy designs, Lau returns to his roots of painting and illustrating in this exhibition. Juxtaposing this technique with sculpture, innovative materials such as sponges, and even three-dimensional objects enveloped in acrylic resins, this exhibition will take you on a varied journey of discovery.

by Lily Rimmer

The exhibition is on until April 27

To find out more information visit here.

Christie’s, The James Christie Room, 22nd Floor, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road Central, Hong Kong

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